Book on Egyptian revolutions describes protests as butterfly flutter

Egyptian revolution book review series: Kefaya – laying the foundations for the 25 January revolution

This article from Ahram Online is a book review that describes the 2005 protests in Egypt, called Kefaya or Enough, and how they influenced the January 25 protests this year. The Egyptian protest “butterfly effect” is also described.

Graphic by Marlena Chertock.

The flutter of a few protests “turned into massive demonstrations and peaceful protests in many Egyptian cities, and even in other Arab countries.”

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Former Egyptian president Muburak and sons in prison, investigation pending

Egypt detains Mubarak and sons

Mubarak's sons Alaa, left, and Gamal are in prison pending an investigation. Photo courtesy of

According to this Al Jazeera article, the ex-leader and his two sons will be held for 15 days pending a probe into an abuse of authority.

The ongoing investigation will look into allegations of corruption, the wasting of public money and the abuse of position for personal gain.

There is a video clip on the website.

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Updates from Cote dIvoire

Cote dIvoire — Ivory Coast has an interactive map that shows disturbances and places of violence in Cote dIvoire. Photo courtesy of has a comprehensive site with updates from Cote dIvoire, a country in Western Africa. The country is involved in a civil war. There have been recent bombings and shootings in the area.

There is a live Twitter feed on the page. Top headlines about Cote dIvoire are also on the top of the page. There’s a topical focus with different articles about the country, photos and videos as well.

There is a Google interactive map that shows areas of crisis.

There are also sponsor wires further down the page, with press releases or articles from IFJ, the International Federation of Journalists, RFI Radio France International and other wires.

At the bottom of the page there is a discussion board, where people can interact and comment with other site visitors.

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Boats of migrants from Libya may be sunk

UN says 400 African migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean

Migrants from Tunisia arrive at the refugee camp on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa. Photo courtesy of The Guardian.

The Guardian reported on two boat of 400 African migrants going missing in the Mediterranean. They were seeking to travel to Italy.

The boats left Libya on March 22 and 25. One was carrying 335 Eritreans and the other 68 Eritreans and Ethiopians.

Italy has begun evacuations from Lampedusa of 3,000 Tunisians who reached the island.

Graphic by Marlena Chertock.

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Esquire offers analysis on why Qaddafi should step down

Thomas P.M. Barnett gives seven reasons why Qaddafi should step down from power on The Politics Blog on Esquire. He writes with wit, a strong and steady tone and even humor. He calls the Obama administration “Team Obama” and Qaddafi a goofy dictator.
Barnett places Qaddafi in a rank of Castro for the worst leaders in history.
Thomas Barnett’s seven reasons Qaddafi should step down:
  1. All the usual bad signs are there, so why back a bad pony?
  2. Qaddafi’s a serious nutcase, and has been for years.
  3. This is another expectations revolution, so let’s please stay on history’s side.
  4. Qaddafi was never our man and never will be.
  5. Please, do not sell us his “reformer son.”
  6. We must think of the stability of global oil markets!
  7. We must think about the al-Qaeda threat in North Africa!
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Map of air strikes on Libya

Coalition Air Strikes on Libya

This is a visual representation of the air strikes on Libya. Photo courtesy of offers a visual image in a map form of U.S. air strikes on Libya. The map shows:

  • cities under control of Qaddafi armed forces
  • cities under control of anti-Qaddafi forces
  • cities under civil war
  • locations of air strikes

Daily and sometimes hourly updates are listed on the site.

There is a place for visitors to offer their comments, opinions and thoughts on UN intervention in Libya.

The site also offers links to other maps of countries in the Arab League and other information about Libya.

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Understanding Libya and Middle East protests through interactive graphics

Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

The New York Times explains the intensifying situation and revolts in Libya in several articles. But the Times also attempts to explain the situation through interactive features, graphics, photos and interactive maps.

  • Timeline: Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi

This interactive timeline gives the important dates of Qaddafi’s life and ruling. He has been the leader of Libya since 1969.

  • Map of How the Rebellion is Unfolding in Libya

This interactive map offers a way to see where protests and revolts are happening on a large map. Viewers can then read the individual articles from particular dates or revolts for more detailed information.

  • Middle East Protests: A Country-by-Country Look

This interactive feature, as The New York Times refers to it, attempts to sort out the confusing, complex and multiple revolts going on in several countries. The feature separates the revolts and protests by country, gives the time in that country and short, timely reports from Times correspondents from certain countries. Social media updates are also included.

It also features a scrolling timeline bar at the top of the page, almost like a banner on the bottom of a television newscast.

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