My name is Marlena Chertock. I am a sophomore at Elon University.  I’m majoring in Journalism, with a Print and Online concentration, and minoring in Non-Violence Studies and Creative Writing.

This is my web curation blog for my Editing and Design course. I will be posting an assortment of articles, links, videos and information to direct readers to learn more about the Egyptian and Middle East protests of 2011. The democracy protests in Egypt have been going on since Jan. 25, 2011. I will not be doing the reporting for these articles, this blog serves as a collection of articles and other sources of information on this topic.

The Web address for this blog is based off Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” I’m greatly influenced by and have a love for revolution songs.

“Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom.”

-Bob Marley, Redemption Song

My journalistic portfolio will appear on MarlenaChertock.wordpress.com.

My creative writing will appear on this blog, MarlenaChertockwriting.wordpress.com.

I have a passion for writing and social justice/human rights issues.  I hope to use this passion to write for social change and betterment.

I write and serve as a design editor for The Pendulum, Elon University’s weekly student newspaper.  I also host two weekly radio shows on the student radio station, WSOE 89.3 FM.  One is a literature-themed show and the other is titled Cultureshock, where a friend and I play a diverse assortment of music and talk about different cultures.  Tune into Lit. Lovers Saturdays 12-1 p.m. and Cultureshock Sundays 12-2 p.m. on WSOE 89.3 FM or the online broadcast.

I am the president of Elon’s student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

What draws me to writing the most is the ability to connect to people through the written word and the ability to describe a person through words to others.  I love getting to know people, what a person is interested in, the story they have to tell and then communicating that story to other people.

I think writing is a very important tool and I am very excited to begin my writing career.

I hope this blog serves to inform and educate people about the Egyptian protests. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them.


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