Updates from Cote dIvoire

Cote dIvoire — Ivory Coast

allAfrica.com has an interactive map that shows disturbances and places of violence in Cote dIvoire. Photo courtesy of allAfrica.com.

allAfrica.com has a comprehensive site with updates from Cote dIvoire, a country in Western Africa. The country is involved in a civil war. There have been recent bombings and shootings in the area.

There is a live Twitter feed on the page. Top headlines about Cote dIvoire are also on the top of the page. There’s a topical focus with different articles about the country, photos and videos as well.

There is a Google interactive map that shows areas of crisis.

There are also sponsor wires further down the page, with press releases or articles from IFJ, the International Federation of Journalists, RFI Radio France International and other wires.

At the bottom of the page there is a discussion board, where people can interact and comment with other site visitors.


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