Esquire offers analysis on why Qaddafi should step down

Thomas P.M. Barnett gives seven reasons why Qaddafi should step down from power on The Politics Blog on Esquire. He writes with wit, a strong and steady tone and even humor. He calls the Obama administration “Team Obama” and Qaddafi a goofy dictator.
Barnett places Qaddafi in a rank of Castro for the worst leaders in history.
Thomas Barnett’s seven reasons Qaddafi should step down:
  1. All the usual bad signs are there, so why back a bad pony?
  2. Qaddafi’s a serious nutcase, and has been for years.
  3. This is another expectations revolution, so let’s please stay on history’s side.
  4. Qaddafi was never our man and never will be.
  5. Please, do not sell us his “reformer son.”
  6. We must think of the stability of global oil markets!
  7. We must think about the al-Qaeda threat in North Africa!

About Marlena Chertock

Marlena Chertock has two books of poetry, Crumb-sized (Unnamed Press, 2017) and On that one-way trip to Mars (Bottlecap Press, 2016). Her poetry and prose has appeared or is forthcoming in Breath & Shadow, The Deaf Poets Society, Paper Darts, Wordgathering, and more. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Marketplace, Electrical Contractor Magazine, and WTOP.
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One Response to Esquire offers analysis on why Qaddafi should step down

  1. Tom Barnett says:

    I do like having my wit recognized. It’s the hardest part of writing and it takes years to do well, so I treasure it.

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