An overview of the 2011 Egypt protests

Interactive map of the Egypt protests. Photo courtesy of BBC News.

The democracy protests in Egypt have been going on since Jan. 25, 2011. I will be posting an assortment of articles, links, videos and information to direct readers to learn more about the protests. I will not be doing the reporting for these articles, this blog serves as a curation of the Egypt and Middle East protests of 2011.

  • Egypt Revolution 2011: A Complete Guide to the Unrest

The Huffington Post tries to create a timeline of the protests. The article provides a synopsis of what’s happened, a timeline of key developments, a list of who’s who, several blogs, videos, photos, quotes of reactions and a list of the best videos, articles and information about the protests around the Web.

  • What’s Happening in Egypt Explained

Mother Jones provides a continually updated article on the protests. The website offers a nice list of days of the protest, allowing readers to view updates from individual days.

  • Unrest in Egypt: Questions and answers

CNN provides a question and answer format to better understand the protests. There is also a video about protesters standing up to the Egyptian military tanks on the page.

  • Photos of the protests

The Los Angeles Times provides an extensive list of photos from during the Egypt protests. Here is another page of photos. Many other media organizations have pages of photos. The Huffington Post provides many pictures here.

Note: Some of the photos may contain graphic content or violence.

  • Egypt’s revolution: Interactive map

BBC provides a great graphic illustration as an interactive map. The map is broken down by the three weeks of the protests. There are photos, videos and brief bits of text within the map. The map allows readers a great way to not only learn about events and when they occurred, but also to have a better understanding of where.

  • Mapping the Protests in Cairo, Day by Day

The New York Times offers a map of the locations of the protests every day. Readers can zoom in or out, click around the map, view pictures or information, and travel through the protests by day.

  • The Egyptian Revolution: A Democracy Now! Special on Mubarak’s Resignation

Democracy Now! provides a live broadcast of reactions to Mubarak’s resignation.

The reaction of Mubarak’s resignation is broadcast on Democracy Now! Several reporters and correspondents reported from Tahrir Square. Egyptian activists, a blogger, writer and historian also joined the broadcast over the phone. Reactions from Egyptians are shared. The feeling of witnessing and living through a historic moment is expressed.

There’s a full transcript of the report on the website.

  • Israel’s Reaction to the Uprising in Egypt

Brookings provides a look at the Israeli view of the protests. Martin Indyk former U.S. ambassador to Israel and now director of Foreign Policy at Brookings discussed the uprising in Egypt and the how Israel views the resignation of President Mubarak.

  • Egypt protests show George. W. Bush was right about freedom in the Arab world

The Washington Post has an opinion article by Elliott Abrams explaining how President Bush was right about freedom in the Middle East. Arab states have been exceptions to politics, justice and equality. Liberty has been expanding in the world but the people of these Arab nations have been left behind. Elliott Abrams said this shows there is political underdevelopment that has accompanied other economic and social maladies.

  • Egypt protests: Around the Web

The Los Angeles Times has a comprehensive list of articles, interactive graphics and stories on the Web from many media organizations.


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